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The Lynching Project: Douglas County


Douglas county Ga was founded in 1870 during the reconstruction period. It was originally named after Fredrick Douglass when many African Americans were holding office in the Georgia legislature, but would soon be switched once the confederate democrats took control. They would switch it to Douglas County, dropping one s, naming it after Stephen A. Douglas who was a politician and lawyer from Illinois. Douglas County is located in the central north part of Georgia and now has a population of about 143,882 with 201 square miles.  

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Peter Stamps

Peter Stamps was an, African American individual, who worked for a farmer in the late 19th century. One day Ida Abercrombie, the farmers 13 year daughter, and her parents discovered that she was expecting a child. When this occurred she informed her parents that Peter had raped and assaulted her multiple times. However, Mr. Stamps pleaded his innocence and stated that he had gained consent from Ida. Despite his efforts of trying to clear his name, Mr. Stamps was immediately arrested and taken to jail. For an unknown reason, Ida told her father that she was going to die that night. Before help could arrive she started to have convulsions and died. After Ida’s death, her father quickly formed a 500 man mob to take matters into his own hands and punish Mr. Stamps for what he had done. Mr. Stamps was kidnapped by the said mob while being transported to another county. Mr. Stamps was found hung on a railroad bridge on July 25, 1885 in Douglas County GA. Peter Stamps died at the age of 45.


After examining Ida Abercrombie's body, it was confirmed that her baby was in fact biracial. Rumors began circulating within the town on how she actually died. This question still remains unanswered. 

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