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The Lynching Project: Bibb County

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location of Bibb county

Bibb County Overview

Bibb County is located in the middle of Georgia. It is a part of the "Black Belt", a term given to the dark, fertile soil occupying parts of the Deep South.This term eventually came to signify areas where cotton agriculture powered by slave labor thrived. Because of slavery, Bibb county has always had a large black population.

There are 6 documented lynchings and a rate of 1 lynching every 5.5 years spanning the lynchings occuring between the years 1880-1940. The lynchings all seemed to occur as a form of retribution, and there seems to be a pattern to the reasoning, since five of the six documented victims were lynched for allegedly raping or attempting to rape white women. Additionally 4 out of the 6 victims were "riddled with bullets", suggesting a pattern in the preferred method of lynching. 

James Moore - August 12, 1886

There isn't a lot of recorded personal information about James Moore, but what is known about him is that he was mixed race (black and white) and had a wife and two children. He was lynched on August 12, 1886 by a masked mob for allegedly raping a white girl. He was forcefully removed from jail by several hundered masked men around midnight and hanged.

Willie Singleton - October 17, 1890

There also isn't a lot of information on Willie Singleton. He was lynched for allegedly attempting to assault a 16 year-old white girl. He was hanged and riddled with bullets. Willie Singleton was just 20 years old. 

News clipping of Charles Gibson's lynching

Charles Gibson - September 12, 1897

Charles Gibson's life wasn't as well-documented as the circumstances of his death. At the beginning of the attached newspaper clipping, the writer makes a distinction about the cause of the lynching, and asserts that Gibson was certainly not being lynched for allegedly having a shot a black man in the back, but for possibly raping Miss Chapman (a white woman). The clipping offers some insight into Gibson's life by stating that he'd served years in a chain gang. After an armed chase by the police and citizens, he was shot and hanged from a tree. He was 27 years old at the time of his murder. 

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News clipping of John Goolsby's lynching

John Goolsby - October 26, 1899

John Goolsby was 22 years old when he was lynched on October 26, 1899. He allegedly killed J.L Robertson, a prominent white planter. He was hanged.

Charles Powell - February 4, 1912

Charles Powell worked as a chauffer for Macon Bottling, and was lynched for allegedly raping two white women and one white girl. Police officers were trying to get him out of town by box car, when the box car was intercepted by a mob. He was then tied to a telegraph pole and riddled with bullets. His age and other details of his life are unknown. 

Paul Jones - November 3, 1919

Paul Jones is another victim whose life is poorly documented. He is estimated to be between 61-70 years old and was lynched on November 3rd, 1919 for allegedly raping a 54 year-old white woman. His lynching was particularly brutal. More than 1000 heavily armed white men marched to his house and fired 50 bullets into him, tied a rope around his neck, and drug him 150 yards out towards the railroad tracks. He was still alive when they proceeded to pour gasoline on him and set him on fire. After the fire dwindled, he was still, somehow, alive, thus the mob poured more gasoline on him and set him on fire again, this time ascertaining that all was left of him were his charred bones. Afterwards, they destroyed his shanty house. 


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