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    The State in which rooms are kept by their occupants in the mind, of your Committee is a matter of just reprehension. The charge of the want of cleanliness is universal and may be well maintained against every room in both buildings, as well those occupied by students as those reserved for purposes of recitation. In many instances, this want of cleanliness is extended to a want of decency, and fifth is found to have accumulated, of such sort and in such quantities as to be offensive and doubtfully injurious to health. Your committee observe that a college servant is maintained at the expense of your treasury. His services are greatly needed in cleaning the buildings.
    Resolved, that the Laws of the College which relate to the state in which the buildings and rooms shall be kept be strictly enforced and that for this purpose it shall be the duty of the Faculty to visit each room in College once in each week, and as much oftener as they may deem necessary for the purpose of preserving perfect cleanliness therein. That frequent scouring of the rooms be required of the College servant, and in case he should be incompetent to perform all such duty, that other servants may be employed to perform such service at the expense of the occupants of the room requiring it.
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