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    May 3rd Wagner, Hancock, and Fleming were summoned before the faculty, in consequence of information which has been received by an officer based upon undoubted evidence. The chargers were 1st that they had been in the habit of frequenting a notorious draw-shop, & billiard room, in a remote part of town, during study hours. 2nd that they had been to the circus contrary to express law & in disguise (masqued or blacked) to avoid detection. + 3rd that they had been in the habit of leaving their rooms at night and annoying peaceful ..., by the injury of their property.
    On being questioned, Fleming acknowledged nearly every thing alleged against him. Hancock, neither acknowledged nor denied + Wagner denied everything. The Faculty directed the Secretary to inform Wagner that he must leave college forthwith on pain of higher punishment. + that his father be written to wish a statement of the facts.
    Monday May 5th. Faculty met to consider the case of Hancock + Fleming. After some consideration it was resolved to postpone the further consideration of the case till this evening after Prayers.
    In the case of Hancock + Fleming, it appeared that the latter had left town for home at his father's desire- all further proceedings in reference to him were consequently stayed. A petition was presented from Hancock ... in very respectful + contrite terms. + throwing himself before the clemency of the Faculty whereupon it was resolved that George Hancock is restored to his station in College + released from the jeopardy in which he has been placed. but that he is to consider himself under the strictest probation in every respect.
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