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    Sept. 30
    ..., ..., + Hamiltion of the Senior Class and Dent of the Junior Class appeared before the Faculty. On friday night 16th between 11 + 12 o'clock at night, boisterous noise was heard in Phi Kappa Hall. The tutors went down and found the above mentioned gentlemen engaged in disorderly conduct. One of them gave some evidence in the opinion of the officer by his conduct of being somewhat under the influence of liquor. Another acknowledged afterwards that he had taken something. A pack of cards was on the table. Several of them attempted to conceal themselves. The tutor told them to go to their rooms and immediately ... but the noise being repeated he went back and repeated the request that they should retire to their rooms. Whenupon two of these, Hamilton & Dent, did so but the other two went to a house in town in which a negro dance was going on that night. They were all four put upon strict probation, fined $10 and their parents written to.
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