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  • Text is exactly "During that period the Revenue of the College must be divided from the following sources
    1st The Balance in the Treasury as appears from the report of the Treasurer summitted the present session $2449.18
    2d. An unclaimed deficiency of the dividend on Bank Stock, payable according to law out of the State Treasury 500.00
    3d. The dividend due on Bank Stock in Oct. next 4000.00
    4th. Probable amount to be received for Tuition for next session 1800.00
    5th Probable amount to be incurred for Town lots heretofore sold 300.00
    Total of Receipts $9049.18
    The permanent expenditures for the same period payable out of this amount will be
    1st For Salaries to the officers of College
    For Presidents salary $1100
    Four Professors 2800
    Two Tutors 700
    Two Rectors in Gr. School 800
    Treasurer + Secretary 325
    College Servant 60
    Amt. of salaries 5785.00"
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