Slavery at UGA


Slavery is an integral part of the University of Georgia’s history. While the university itself did not own enslaved people, it did benefit from the institution of slavery by contributing to both the finances and the labor which founded and maintained the campus throughout the antebellum period. The purpose of this “Slavery at the University of Georgia” website is to act as an archival collection of documents which will detail the University of Georgia’s connections to slavery and foster a better understanding of the role slavery and slave labor played on campus.

As American universities begin to examine their own histories related to slavery, this website will serve as a starting point for the University of Georgia. It is our hope, that as time goes on, more information will be added to the website and the story of UGA’s connections to slavery in the antebellum South will become clearer.

The Archive contains all the primary documents found pertaining to slavery on campus.

The Collections organize these archival materials thematically.

The Biographies highlight the lives of enslaved people related to the university.

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This exhibit is the product of the research and efforts of the Fall 2015 class of HIPR 4160/6160, Public History and Technology, taught by Dr. Scott Nesbit at the University of Georgia. The class split into three groups which determined our main roles in its creation. Research Team: James Bridgforth, Caity Hungate, Hannah Murphey, Dylan Stearns Writing Team: Catherine Koonce, Audrey Thomas, Matt West Design Team: Sean Griffith, Rebecca McManus, Mary Fenwick Parish